Plants love terrariums

Closed terrariums are (nearly) self-sustaining plant eco-systems that make great accent additions to any room in the home or office. It can live for YEARS without unsealing the lid or adding water.  This is only possible, however, if the perfect conditions are present.  A perfect amount of sunshine, a perfect balance of moisture, and a perfect amount of love will set the terrarium up for a long happy life.  The terrariums at Charles and Chuck’s are incubated for up to three months before being adopted into their new home, making certain that the terrariums are all grown up and can fend for themselves!

Each plant-filled jar is a unique creation; a masterpiece in itself!  From hand selecting the finest plants, to placing the perfect gems and stones, each terrarium is built with such heart that it becomes a vessel of life, spreading love like wildfire.

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